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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I obtain customer support?

A. To obtain customer support for your Evolution Acoustics product, please contact your dealer or by calling (858) 451-2553 or emailing support at .

Q. Which Evolution Acoustics loudspeaker is right for me?

A. Our MM and MMMini series loudspeakers are all equally as good and built to the same standards. The model you choose should be based on the type of music you listen to, the size of your room and what fits best within the aesthetics of your room and home.

Within the MM and MMMini series, you do not need to worry about selling your existing loudspeakers should you want to upgrade to another model. Both series are modular and allow for simple change to the next model up in the line.

Q. Should I use tube or solid state amplification with the Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers?

A. All of our loudspeakers have a very stable impedance plot which means they are friendly to both tubes and solid state electronics.

Q. Why are the Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers not bi-wireable?

A. Since all Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers utilize Constant Voltage Crossover Networks, there is only one continuous signal path connecting all of the drivers together in series, thus behaving like a single unified transducer. Conventional crossovers typically have the drivers connected in parallel with dividing networks for each individual driver, which can allow for bi-wire or bi-amplification. Constant Voltage Crossover Networks produce the cleanest and purest signal path possible, since there are no crossover parts in the path of the drivers. In addition, because there are no parts such as resistors, inductors, or capacitors in the direct signal path, there is no added dynamic suppression.  Increased dynamics and purity are the main reasons to bi-wire or bi-amplification.  Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers simply do not require this type of connection.

Q. What makes the Evolution Acoustics speaker cables and interconnects so special?

A. At Evolution Acoustics we use the exact same wire inside the speaker that we do in our interconnects and speaker cables. Inside the cabinet we use more conductors per driver than most cable manufacturers use in there reference grade cables. In our DRSC (Double Run Speaker Cables) there are 192 individually teflon coated solid core pure copper conductors. These cables have incredible ease and dynamics with clarity and tonality that must be heard to truly be appreciated. It is no suprise that there is great synergy between our cables and our loudspeakers.

Q. How do I clean and keep my Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers looking new?

A. The finishes on Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers are made to last a lifetime.  The highly durable polyester finish will maintain its gloss and transparency for many years with proper care and maintenance.  The only cleaning supplies necessary to clean the cabinet surfaces are some warm water and micro fiber cloths.  Be sure to always lightly wet the cloths before wiping dust or fingerprints from your loudspeaker, as the water will help soften the dust particles and keep them from creating swirl marks on your finish as you wipe the surfaces clean.

Q. Why do prices differ so much from one country to the next?

A. Different countries have different import duties, taxes, fees and shipping costs. Some countries costs can be much higher then others and can account for the higher prices. In the U.S., suggested retail prices do not take into account the sales tax that one state might have versus another.

Q. I would love to hear the Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers but they do not seem to be available in my area. How do I listen before making a purchase?

A. The first thing we would suggest is to go to your local dealer or distributor and let them know your strong desire to audition and possibly purchase our loudspeakers. If they have no interest in bringing in our line, call us and we will be happy suggest somewhere close enough to your location for you to hear them.

Q. Why are your loudspeakers priced so much lower than your competition’s?

A. We work with much smaller profit margins than our competitors. They have huge advertising budgets while we rely on word of mouth and referrals.

We challenge you to listen to other products costing 3 – 5 times the cost and compare them with our products. You will find, as most of our customers have, that regardless of price, the Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers are among the best, if not the best, sounding loudspeakers in the world.