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Evolution Acoustics MMMiniOne


At first glance, the Evolution Acoustics MiniOne appears to be a floor standing loudspeaker. However, looks can be deceiving! It is actually a cost-no-object bookshelf loudspeaker that aesthetically integrates seamlessly to its high mass and extremely inert and modular base unit also known as the Evolution Acoustics – Segmented Stand System (EA-SSS). 

The Evolution Acoustics MiniOne is an audio purist’s dream. It is the world’s most extreme two-way bookshelf loudspeaker. The MiniOne produces real world bass and dynamics without sacrificing any of the purity that you would expect from a two-way design. At the same time, it is an incredible solution for multi-channel audio or home theater applications.

The MiniOne cabinet is designed with a very unique transmission line enclosure and is built to the same exacting standards, using identical technology as the full size MM Series loudspeakers. The Evolution Acoustics Transmission Line (EATL) results in much deeper bass response and does not lose bass energy quickly like acoustic suspension or bass reflex enclosures. So, even though the loudspeaker goes flat down to 40Hz, it still extends further down to 20Hz and beyond. Also, the EATL gives you the best of both enclosures. The driver behaves like it is in a sealed box but also has the extension and energy of a ported enclosure, and all of this without “boomy one-note bass”. 

The Evolution Acoustics – Segmented Stand System (EA-SSS) is unique in its design as it allows, at any time, a conversion from a conventional height floor standing loudspeaker to a center channel which is designed to fit perfectly into any home theater or multi-channel audio application simply by removing one of the segmented modules.

Imagine a system of three MiniOne loudspeakers for center, rear left and rear right and a pair of MiniTwo loudspeakers for your front left and front right channels. The subwoofers contained in the MiniTwo can be used as LFEs and you essentially have five identical monitors, for a very clean presentation, with no boxes in the corners. Of course, the Mini Series mates perfectly with any of the full size MM Series loudspeakers for the ultimate in home theater or multi-channel audio.


“Music is the universal language of mankind.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow