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MMTwo Exact Tight


Evolution Acoustics MMTwo and MMThree loudspeakers transport you into the breathtaking realm of natural music: less hi-fi, less reproduced, less processed; more immediate, more unconstrained by technical limitations, more real. The MMExact line takes this journey to the outer limits of sonic possibilities, delivering much higher emotional content. We do this not by added tonal warmth or artifacts, but by allowing the signal to be fully rendered, keeping it absolutely pure and completely faithful to the artistry of the original event. Experience your music in ways you never thought possible; from the discovery of subtle-nuances previously unheard, to rich and boundless soulful expressions resonating to your core.

You may think you have heard great speakers, but once you experience the MMExacts, you will know greatness has been redefined.

Evolution Acoustics’ MM series loudspeakers are designed and built around a philosophy of Maximum Modularity. Maximum Modularity means that upgradability is easily accomplished by the addition of another module. The MMExact products epitomize that ideology.

The MMExact, an acronym for External X-over Acoustic Compensation Technology, is designed, engineered, handcrafted, and assembled in the USA. This is the identical circuit topology housed in our flagship MMSeven loudspeakers. In short, the MMExact module system transforms MMTwo or  MMThree loudspeaker systems up to the real world performance standards of our statement product.  The midrange and tweeter achieve the same output characteristics as the MMSeven. The woofers receive increased smoothness and definition. This dramatic improvement is accomplished by isolating all of the mechanical distortion nodes of each of the drivers and suppressing their influence on the overall sound, generating ruler flat frequency response, with extremely low distortion. Simultaneously, the electrical performance of the system is smoothed, yielding much tighter impedance deviations, or smaller phase shifts. This combines for a loudspeaker that is more accurate, both sonically and electrically, resulting in much greater realism in both tonal reproduction and sound stage presentation.

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The external filter does not degrade the performance of the loudspeaker’s  internal Constant Voltage Crossover Network. Time and phase are kept intact because the MMExact is simply an array of shunt networks, meaning they are not connected in series directly in the signal path, but are instead connected in parallel across the terminals. The signal from the amplifier still goes straight to the drivers to maintain source integrity.  This results in a circuit addition that is transparent to your electronics while enhancing the performance of the transducers.

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All aspects of this filter network have been painstakingly researched and analyzed to produce incredible micro and macro dynamic performance as well as the highest level of clarity in the industry. Only the finest parts are used throughout. Our capacitors are custom wound by hand to exact values, comprised of pure copper foil and ultra-thin polypropylene film. They are left in a bare state, void of any epoxy scatter caps or outer casings, in order to maximize electron flow and resulting in maximum sonic purity. The lead in wires of the capacitors are precisely placed and soldered to the ends along the radius depending on the specific frequency range of emphasis that is desired. Ultra high quality Clarity Cap capacitors handle all large value requirements. All inductors in the circuit are heavy gauge Goertz high purity copper foil. Other parts include Mills ultra high current 1% tolerance wire wound resistors, and Teflon insulated solid core copper wiring. All components are carefully welded point-to-point with lead-free eutectic solder. There are no thin PCB traces to restrict current flow.

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Premium quality circuit components are only half of the equation for ultimate performance. Careful attention is made in the orientation, layout, and mounting of these parts. When positioning the copper foil coils, headphones are utilized to listen for any unwanted crosstalk to ensure proper placement free from parasitic interaction. All capacitors are arranged in the same direction throughout the entire circuit. On capacitors that operate in the critical midrange and tweeter frequencies, special care is taken to ensure that the lead in wires before and after the caps remain as long as possible before taking any abrupt turns, further enhancing electron travel. This philosophy is also extended to the resistors as well, where right angle turns are eliminated wherever possible. There is no epoxy, silicone, or any type of glue to hold down any of these parts, as they can degrade the desired performance. Each capacitor, resistor, and inductor is mounted on a special cradle that is isolated from the filter board through the use of a special damping adhesive mounting pad. The cradles use minimized points of contact, helping to suspend the components in air. The circuit parts are secured to the cradles through the use of polypropylene tie downs, which hold them in place while performing as a good dielectric. The bus wires in this network are also suspended and spaced by air to further enhance the performance of the system. In addition, the bus wires are made from the identical metal used in the capacitor and resistor lead wires, thus ensuring consistent flow and matched performance.

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The MMExact filter network is housed in the same advanced acoustic cabinetry as our loudspeakers, which use multiple layer construction. Because the layers are individually bonded by an adhesive compound, the cabinet walls have superior strength, which helps reduce unwanted micro-phonic vibrations that can be a detriment to a network where such care is taken for optimum performance. The beauty of these external crossover filters is undeniable. They are hand finished in the same world-class facility that produces some of the finest guitars available today. Combine all of these elements with an engineering target that remains both time and phase aligned and you have one remarkable addition to the MMTwo and MMThree speaker systems.

Our philosophy of Maximum Modularity allows owners of MMTwo and MMThree loudspeakers to easily convert to a MMTwoExact or MMThreeExact through the simple addition of a pair of MMExact modules. It is this philosophical approach that builds consumer confidence, never having to wonder if a purchase will become obsolete in a matter of months or years. Evolution Acoustics spends a great deal of time and research to develop and launch a loudspeaker, making sure that it is right from the beginning, eliminating the need for a future “special edition version” or a “mark two release”.  When we discover ways to enhance performance, we deliver those improvements in the form of an entirely new product that gets added to our line, never as a replacement.  Benefiting from our modular design engineering approach, existing customers receive the option of a simple and elegant solution to convert their transducers to the newest model, while new customers are afforded the flexibility to plan a strategy for acquiring the system of their dreams, through step-by-step acquisitions.  This is truly a win-win situation for the consumer, because Evolution Acoustics speakers maintain both current and future relevance. We will continue to evolve and build upon our pursuit of audio perfection, while delivering convenient ways to bring advancements to our clients, old and new.

Elevate your listening to the level of Exact.


Lifelike sound is achieved!
“Music is my religion.”
~Jimi Hendrix