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The Evolution Acoustics MMOne loudspeaker epitomizes what one comes to expect from a two-way loudspeaker without the typical sacrifices. The purity of a properly designed and engineered two-way loudspeaker is immediately recognizable and pleasurable.

Purists believe that the best type of loudspeaker uses a crossoverless single driver. Obviously the merits of that design are the lack of handing off of frequencies between drivers. The drawbacks, unfortunately outweigh the benefits. The breakup modes of the single driver cannot be avoided and the frequencies extremes are quite limited. Essentially it becomes a midrange only loudspeaker with limited high and low frequencies.

With the carefully chosen drivers used in the MMOne loudspeaker real world lows and highs are achieved effortlessly and cohesively. Dynamics are not sacrificed, and what you hear is full range sound with all the purity intact!





“Without music, life would be an error.”
~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Evolution Acoustics MMOne