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After all the accolades we have received from owners and industry personnel regarding the Evolution Acoustics MMTwo and MMThree loudspeakers, we were asked if we could create a loudspeaker with the same sonic excellence and no-holds-barred material and construction quality in a smaller package. We knew we wanted to use a bookshelf for the two-way purists but wanted to also offer a no-sacrifice full range system. We were faced with a real challenge: namely, to hold to our philosophy of creating a modular designed loudspeaker where a section could be added effortlessly as one’s audio requirements or desires changed.

The Evolution Acoustics MiniTwo starts as an MiniOne and sits atop the MiniSub. The modular nature of this speaker makes it ideal for any two-channel, multi-channel or home theater application.

The top bookshelf cabinet also known as the MiniOne utilizes a design which we call the “Evolution Acoustics Transmission Line” (EATL) enclosure. The EATL results in very deep bass response and does not lose bass energy quickly like acoustic suspension or bass reflex enclosures. Even though the top bookshelf section of the MiniTwo loudspeaker goes flat down to 40Hz there is still very substantial output at 20Hz and beyond.  Also, the EATL gives you the best of both enclosures. The driver behaves like it is in a sealed box but also has the extension and energy of a ported enclosure, and all of this without “boomy one-note bass”.  The bottom cabinet known as the MiniSub uses an acoustic suspension enclosure. Because this enclosure shares the same footprint as the bookshelf section the normal problems in subwoofer location have been eliminated. The MiniSub also has complete adjustability which allows for full control not only to adjust for one’s musical taste, but also for proper room integration.

The main reason for having a two-way loudspeaker with a subwoofer, as opposed to a three-way, was so that the midrange to woofer transition would remain seamless, coming from a single point source. The subwoofer only acts to support the lower end; therefore true time alignment throughout the audio band still remains intact satisfying even the most discriminating purists.

Listening to the Evolution Acoustics MiniTwo is a remarkable experience that has been described by Stereophile’s own Wes Phillips as “Jaw droppingly real!”




“I can’t listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland.”
~Woody Allen

Evolution Acoustics MMMiniTwo