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Evolution Acoustics MMMiniSub


For many two-channel enthusiasts, subwoofers have proven to be very difficult to integrate into their systems. The reason is the majority of subwoofers available today are designed primarily for home theater use and not for two-channel systems. While the MiniSub certainly works for home theater applications it is the first subwoofer we have heard that seemlessly blends into two-channels high-end systems.

The MiniSub was designed from the ground up for one main priority, music reproduction. It is designed to integrate with any loudspeaker and because it has to match the transparency of our ceramic membrane and aluminum ribbon membrane, it will easily mate with planars and electrostatics.

The Evolution Acoustics MiniSub utilizes an acoustic suspension enclosure, for the tightest bass reproduction possible. The MiniSub is fully active and has complete adjustability which allows for full control not only to adjust for one’s musical taste, but also for proper room integration.



“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.”