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The Evolution Acoustics MicroOne loudspeakers are designed and engineered in the USA, comprised entirely of custom tooled components with absolutely no “off the shelf” parts. All aspects of these loudspeakers are painstakingly researched and analyzed to produce incredible micro and macro dynamic performance as well as the highest level of clarity in the industry. Only the finest parts are used throughout including reference grade film foil capacitors, oversized high purity copper air core inductors, ultra high current wire wound precision resistors, and individually insulated multiple conductor solid core copper wiring. All of these parts are hand matched and soldered in our constant voltage crossover networks on heavy gauge printed circuit boards which are then immersed in epoxy resin to eliminate unwanted micro-phonics.

Clarity and dynamics are achieved through the use of Evolution Acoustics’ very own ultra high quality Pleated Diaphragm Air Velocity (PDAV) tweeters and Ceramic Matrix (CMAT) mid-woofer drive units. These components are housed in advanced acoustic cabinetry, which is both structurally inert and sonically diffuse through the use of multiple layer construction. Because the layers are individually bonded by an adhesive compound, the cabinet walls have superior strength. In addition the French curve profile helps to significantly reduce internal back wave reflections from the transducers. Although compact in size, the glue laminated and double braced 25mm curved side walls, 50mm baffles and 50mm top and bottom plates, all combine to create a dense and heavy monitor capable of world class performance. You will also enjoy the beauty of these speakers as they are hand finished with multiple polished layers to produce a deep high gloss shine. Combine all of these elements with an engineering target that is both time and phase aligned and you have one remarkable speaker system.



“Music is an outburst of the soul.”
~Frederick Delius

Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne