Evolution Acoustics MMMiniTwo Wins 2014 Stereomojo Maximum Mojo Award

Stereomojo Max Mojo Award 2014

In short, the Evolution Acoustics MMMiniTwo time after time, without fail, through thousands of different musical selections across every musical style, decade and century, gave us the most musically enjoyable, exhilarating, rewarding and satisfying musical experience we had yet relished in our 30 plus year audio journey. While we are not sure what the “MM” designation really stands for, in our book it’s Maximum Mojo.

Because of it’s extreme adjustability to room acoustics and listener taste, it is easy to recommend these speakers to those want the very best sound in practically any listening environment.

They are easy to drive since the 1,000 amp in each speaker carries the heaviest load, but 60-100 wpc would be the least to put in front of them since they are capable of very high transient output, even though their specs says minimum is 15 wpc. Max, they say, is 200 wpc. Impedance is 9 Ohms, but – and this is important – that only varies +/- 1.5 Ohms – very steady load and very tube friendly.

Frequency response – get this – is 15Hz-40kHz and that is at a slim +/- 3 dB! That’s considered virtually ruler flat. But, at +/- 6 db, still very acceptable, they claim they go down to 10 Hz (!) and up to 70kHz! Down only 6db at 10 Hz? We said they went low.

Sensitivity is claimed to be 86 db, which we think substantiates our 60-100 wpc observation unless you listen at pretty low levels.

In addition, since they are very revealing, use good quality components and cables to get optimum performance. They are equally at home with any genre from lute solos to Mahler. They do an outstanding job of conveying scale or size in their soundstage. And yes, they will rock! Tracks heavy in rhythm are especially a delight because of their sheer speed from top to lowest bottom.

Room size is important. Moderately small to moderately large should work well. They play loud, but they do have their limits. That’s why Evolution makes bigger speakers.

And yes, they sound almost acoustically identical to their bigger brothers we deemed “the best stereo reproduction we have ever heard…period.

It does take time to burn them in and then adjust them to your room and taste, but we believe it is time well worth it.

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