Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOnes Wins 2013 Brutus Award

Positive Feedback 2013 Brutus Award - Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne

The Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne Loudspeakers Wins
Positive Feedback’s Brutus Award For 2013 

“Well, what can I say?! I fell in love with this powerful and lovely monitor the first time that I saw it… and then I heard it! Cowabunga! It’s smashing… at $4000 for a pair of these lovelies including stands, definitely the best price-performance speaker going in my experience.

I’ve gotten to hear them in our reference listening room on their stands, and also on our desktop in near-field listening. It’s amazing in either setting: deep, powerful, rich, transparent, with tons of soul and reference-grade sonics.

Enough said! Check out Blue Light Audio for details. 

If you’re in the market for monster minis, then this is it, amigos!

Definitely a PFO Brutus Award winner… enthusiastically!”