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Power Cord

For many of us, power conditioning seems like voodoo or black magic. Well, it is not. It is very easy to understand how many things in your home and neighborhood can create noise and anomalies in the power that supplies your audio equipment.  It is measurable and curable!

At Evolution Acoustics, we realize that creating a power cord made of the highest quality parts is not enough. We believe that getting the proper current to your equipment is only one factor. Conditioning the power correctly without limiting the current is of the utmost importance. We are proud to introduce the Evolution Acoustics Power Conditioning Power Cord, also known as the PC2one.

Many of us have dedicated lines in our audio rooms and end up plugging most of our equipment into a single line conditioner with multiple duplex outlets built into the one box on a single 20 amp circuit. Well, we have just defeated the benefit of dedicated lines.

With the PC2one, you no longer need the typical power conditioners that require the purchase of an expensive power cord to run from your component to a box and then another one from the box to the wall.

Evolution Acoustics PC2one