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BNC Links

Evolution Acoustics LINK cables were developed to elevate the communication between the darTZeel amplifiers and preamplifiers to the highest level possible, generating performance that has to be heard to be believed. Already a superior interface, the 50 ohm impedance matched BNC connections provide a unique interconnection solution which eliminates reflections inherent in conventional designs, providing superior signal transfer with the widest bandwidth possible. Our LINK cable simply pushes that envelope further by utilizing a cost-no-object approach to 50 ohm BNC cable design. There simply is no better solution in the industry period. The Evolution Acoustics LINK underwent years of testing and research before ever reaching the market to ensure optimum performance and value.

The Evolution Acoustics LINK cable is designed, engineered, handcrafted and assembled in the USA.

Key design features include:

  • Superior signal transfer and minimized resistance through several carefully selected solid core conductors constructed from 99.9999% ultra high purity copper and 99.9999% ultra high purity silver.
  • Unsurpassed dielectric construction through the use of porous Teflon which is layered and separated by air to provide the lowest dielectric constant available from all solid or semi-solid materials.
Evolution Acoustics LINK