T.H.E. Show – Newport Beach 2015

May 27, 2015 in News by Jonathan Tinn

THE Show Newport 2015

May 29th – May 31st, 2015:

T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach is here again and this year we will be exhibiting in three rooms at the Hotel Irvine:

QUAIL HILL ROOM: The Audio Association, Los Angeles’ premier source for audio equipment, will be exhibiting in The Quail Hill Room. 

The Audio Association will be exhibiting our Evolution Acoustics MMTwo EXACT loudspeakers along with darTZeel’s brand new NHB-18NS Preamplifier, all-in-one LHC-208 (amplifier / preamplifier / DSD 2X DAC) andthe NHB-108 Stereo Amplifier. Vinyl will be spinning on the Wave Kinetics NVS Reference Turntable utilizing the new offering from Durand Tonearms called the Kairos which will hold the Ortofon MC-Anna Reference cartridge. Record cleaning will be done by the KLAUDiO Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaning System. If that is not enough, ATR Services is bringing a completely reconditioned Ampex ATR-102 reel to reel tape machine along with some of the best music (Master Tapes) you will ever hear. Vibration control and isolation will handled by the Wave Kinetics’ A10-U8 Component Control Systems as well as the 2NS Loudspeaker Isolation System. All signal and power cables will be Evolution Acoustics.

This is one room you will not want to miss!

ROOM 441: Positive Feedback magazine has a hospitality suite and has asked to use our Evolution Acoustics MicroOne Loudspeakers along with the new darTZeel LHC-208 all-in-one Integrated Amplifier / Preamplifier / DSD 2X DAC. 

They will be playing DSD, DSD 2X and DSD 4X files via the darTZeel LHC-208, exoSound’s e28 MK II and Merging Technologies’ new and soon to be released NADAC 8-channel DSD Dac.

Fresh Ristretto Roasters’ PF DSD Blend coffee will be offered along with single malt whiskey, bourbon and wine. It is worth starting and finishing your days there just for the great coffee, booze, conversation and music! 

ROOM 1148 or 1149: ALMA Music, San Diego’s coolest new audio dealership, will have three of their own exhibit rooms this year. For one of the rooms, they have chosen to use our Evolution Acoustics  MMMiniTwo loudspeakers. They will be shown along with our Evolution Acoustics DRSC speaker cables, power cords and darTZeel’s new LHC-208 all-in-one integrated amplifier / preamplifier / DSD 2X DAC. 

Please introduce yourself to Alexandre and Fabio and let them share with you their unique philosophy of how audio equipment should be offered. Their service is unsurpassed!

Evolution Acoustics MicroOne Wins 2014 Stereomojo Maximum Mojo Award

April 30, 2015 in News by Jonathan Tinn

Stereomojo Max Mojo Award 2014



This is the second Evolution Acoustics speaker we have reviewed. The first, the MMMiniTwo, set a pretty high bar. Of it we said, The Evolution Acoustics MMMiniTwo time after time, without fail, through thousands of different musical selections across every musical style, decade and century, gave us the most musically enjoyable, exhilarating, rewarding and satisfying musical experience we had yet relished in our 30 plus year audio journey. While we are not sure what the “MM” designation really stands for, in our book it’s Maximum Mojo.”

So now, we are about to do the unspeakable – the unthinkable –  and compare the $39,000 MMMiniTwo (scantily clad model not included) to the $4,000 little brother! True, it sounds unfair and possibly even unethical. But, if you know anything about StereoMojo, we are never unfair and never, ever unethical. The reason behind the madness is that the MMMicroOne has much more in common with its big brother than they are disparate.  Also, I might mention that in audio blogs all over the net, the little MMMicroOne has been compared favorably to a very heavily advertised $185,000 speaker, the Magico Q7. Really. But we’re not getting in the middle of that. We deal in facts we know.


Fact one: both Evolution Acoustics models employ stacked, multilayer construction of their cabinets Which makes them structurally inert and sonically diffuse. Cabinet resonance is a major factor in speaker performance because cabinet vibrations cause sound waves that conflict, compete with and degrade the pure sound waves produced by the drivers. When a box vibrates, it puts out waves in every direction that can cause phase, timing and frequency distortion that confuses the ear/brain path with thousands of micro echoes that have to be filtered out and adjusted to make sense out of the projected sound. Images become blurred and smeared which is the opposite of what the drivers are trying to do.  It also causes ear fatigue, which manifests itself in short attention spans. After listening for time, your mind starts to think of other things you could be doing and you otherwise just become uncomfortable with continued listening. Bad. Very bad.


Linda and I can attest to dozens and dozens of listening sessions lasting four hours or more with no fatigue; these speakers make you want to listen more.

 Click here for the full review 



Evolution Acoustics Launches MMExact Line Of Loudspeakers

March 20, 2014 in News by Jonathan Tinn

MMTwo Exact Tight

Evolution Acoustics MMTwo and MMThree loudspeakers transport you into the breathtaking realm of natural music:  less hi-fi, less reproduced, less processed; more immediate, more unconstrained by technical limitations, more real. The MMExact line takes this journey to the outer limits of sonic possibilities, delivering much higher emotional content. We do this not by added tonal warmth or artifacts, but by allowing the signal to be fully rendered, keeping it absolutely pure and completely faithful to the artistry of the original event. Experience your music in ways you never thought possible; from the discovery of subtle-nuances previously unheard, to rich and boundless soulful expressions resonating to your core. 

Evolution Acoustics MM series loudspeakers are designed and built around a philosophy of Maximum Modularity. Maximum Modularity means that upgradability is easily accomplished by the addition of another module. The MMExact products epitomize that ideology.

The MMExact, an acronym for External X-over Acoustic Compensation Technology, is designed, engineered, handcrafted, and assembled in the USA. This is the identical circuit topology housed in our flagship MMSeven loudspeakers. In short, the MMExact module system transforms MMTwo or MMThree loudspeaker systems up to the real world performance standards of our statement product. The midrange and tweeter achieve the same output characteristics as the MMSeven. The woofers receive increased smoothness and definition. This dramatic improvement is accomplished by isolating all of the mechanical distortion nodes of each of the drivers and suppressing their influence on the overall sound, generating ruler flat frequency response, with extremely low distortion. Simultaneously, the electrical performance of the system is smoothed, yielding much tighter impedance deviations, or smaller phase shifts. This combines for a loudspeaker that is more accurate, both sonically and electrically, resulting in much greater realism in both tonal reproduction and sound stage presentation.

You may think you have heard great speakers, but once you experience the MMExacts, you will know greatness has been redefined.



Evolution Acoustics MMMiniTwo Wins 2014 Stereomojo Maximum Mojo Award

March 4, 2014 in News by Jonathan Tinn

Stereomojo Max Mojo Award 2014

In short, the Evolution Acoustics MMMiniTwo time after time, without fail, through thousands of different musical selections across every musical style, decade and century, gave us the most musically enjoyable, exhilarating, rewarding and satisfying musical experience we had yet relished in our 30 plus year audio journey. While we are not sure what the “MM” designation really stands for, in our book it’s Maximum Mojo.

Because of it’s extreme adjustability to room acoustics and listener taste, it is easy to recommend these speakers to those want the very best sound in practically any listening environment.

They are easy to drive since the 1,000 amp in each speaker carries the heaviest load, but 60-100 wpc would be the least to put in front of them since they are capable of very high transient output, even though their specs says minimum is 15 wpc. Max, they say, is 200 wpc. Impedance is 9 Ohms, but – and this is important – that only varies +/- 1.5 Ohms – very steady load and very tube friendly.

Frequency response – get this – is 15Hz-40kHz and that is at a slim +/- 3 dB! That’s considered virtually ruler flat. But, at +/- 6 db, still very acceptable, they claim they go down to 10 Hz (!) and up to 70kHz! Down only 6db at 10 Hz? We said they went low.

Sensitivity is claimed to be 86 db, which we think substantiates our 60-100 wpc observation unless you listen at pretty low levels.

In addition, since they are very revealing, use good quality components and cables to get optimum performance. They are equally at home with any genre from lute solos to Mahler. They do an outstanding job of conveying scale or size in their soundstage. And yes, they will rock! Tracks heavy in rhythm are especially a delight because of their sheer speed from top to lowest bottom.

Room size is important. Moderately small to moderately large should work well. They play loud, but they do have their limits. That’s why Evolution makes bigger speakers.

And yes, they sound almost acoustically identical to their bigger brothers we deemed “the best stereo reproduction we have ever heard…period.

It does take time to burn them in and then adjust them to your room and taste, but we believe it is time well worth it.

Click here for the full review.

Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOnes Wins 2013 Brutus Award

January 13, 2014 in News by Jonathan Tinn

Positive Feedback 2013 Brutus Award - Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne

The Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne Loudspeakers Wins
Positive Feedback’s Brutus Award For 2013 

“Well, what can I say?! I fell in love with this powerful and lovely monitor the first time that I saw it… and then I heard it! Cowabunga! It’s smashing… at $4000 for a pair of these lovelies including stands, definitely the best price-performance speaker going in my experience.

I’ve gotten to hear them in our reference listening room on their stands, and also on our desktop in near-field listening. It’s amazing in either setting: deep, powerful, rich, transparent, with tons of soul and reference-grade sonics.

Enough said! Check out Blue Light Audio for details. 

If you’re in the market for monster minis, then this is it, amigos!

Definitely a PFO Brutus Award winner… enthusiastically!”